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Ownership Rights Reserved

First of all, Students retains ownership of their notes or projects. Digmart just provides the platform for your knowledge store' from which other students can buy your notes.

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Modern marketing tools are provided by Digmart will provide support in setting up and managing your account. You set the price for your study notes.

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Sell your files to thousands of scholer aroud the world. Digmart takes care of all the marketing, all you need to do is hit the books and upload your notes.

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The platform is aimed in a way that allows you to build your credentials, and in effect, your income from the site. You build a regular income and a reliable future


DiGMart offers students the chance to sell study notes online so you can make the most of your laborious studies.

Student life is often an uphill battle. Funds are low, motivation is drained and incentives seem distant. But stress less. With Digmart’s online student platform, you can sell study notes or graduate project and inject some funds into your dwindling bank account.

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      • Besides the obvious reason of making the most of the work you have already done, selling your study notes can teach you some valuable lessons in entrepreneurship.
      • Money is a constant battle for students, why not get paid for all your hard work?
      • Once you are up and running and making money, you can always use it to buy great notes for one of your more taxing courses: work hard and double your productivity.

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How do I sell study or a Project notes?

      • Digmart offers an online platform for graduates and students to upload their study notes or project work, which can be accessed and bought by other students or scholars around the world.
      • Every time a fellow student downloads your notes, you earn money which will be transferred into your personal bank account.
      • Several students have already earned more than $2,500 in just one year.
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        In other words; earn money for studying!


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